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Bamboo staircase parts are an excellent, eco-friendly substitute for traditional hardwoods. The stronger fibres and quicker harvesting time already make an excellent substitute for flooring, due to the manufacturing process the bamboo also offers a increased resistance to temperature change and is less likely to warp making the ideal material for staircase components. Bamboo is a natural product so final colours may vary slightly from the visual.


  • Covermould

    • Manufactured in Bamboo 
    • 32 x 22mm
    • Available in 1m, 1.5m or 3m
    • To cover the ceiling line between the plasterboard and staircase apron
    • Can be trimmed if required
    • Eco Friendly, Highly Sustainable, Tougher and; Stronger than wood, Resistant to Temperature change


PriceFrom £6.09
Excluding VAT
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