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Image by Eleonora Albasi

How To Dispose Of Our Packaging

Flair Stairs Ltd take our environmental responsibilities seriously. We aim to reduce waste by working towards making your products and packaging as recyclable as possible. We have created this guide to assist in the safe disposal of our packaging products. 

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Oxo-Degradable Bubble Wrap

Oxo-degradable bubble wrap is an environmentally friendly form of cushion packaging. This bubble wrap is treated with raw materials which do not contain heavy metals. When the bubble wrap film is exposed to the combined effects of sunlight, stress, microbes and heat, the end result is a product which is digested harmlessly by micro organisms and turned into the basic elements of carbon dioxide, water and biomass. 

Life cycle analysis suggests that the best means of disposal is incineration with energy recovery. If this is not available, then landfill is the next best option. Place this bubble wrap in the residual waste bin, it will be sent of landfill or energy recovery. 


Carbon Neutral Tape

Carbon neutral packing tape is the latest addition to our packaging products. 

This adhesive tape is made from recycled materials when the equivalent amount of carbon dioxide that the packaging releases into the atmosphere during its production, transportation, and waste cycles, is balanced by an equal or greater amount of carbon dioxide being removed or offset elsewhere. 

Sticky tape is not recyclable and should be put in the waste bin. 

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